Saint Joseph Parish

404 W Lawrence St
Appleton, WI 54911


"Past Pastors" of St. Joe's

Bernadine Schmitz (1885-1888)


Fr. Bernadine Schmitz emphasized the spiritual advancement of the parish and caring for the beauty of the house of God. He gave a lot of his attention to the societies of the parish.

Althought the parish had societies for married men and ladies, as well as the young men and ladies, there was no society for the boys and girls who had left school. To help this age group, Fr. Bernadine founded the St. Stanisiaus and St. Rose societies. They were made up of boys and girls who had received their first Holy Communion (age 12), but who were not yet old enough to join one of the other societies. They were a neglected group, for at that time many children ended their schooling immediately after receiving first Holy Communion and were no longer under the control of the pastor. Many were empliyed in the mills where they faced many bad influences.

Fr. Bernadine also introdiced the Archconfraternity of the Sacred Heart to the parish. He expected this devotion to become the high point of new religious fervor. A statue of the Sacred Heart was obtained and also one of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. They were placed prominently in the sanctuary. Undoubtedly, this devotion contributed much to strengthen the good will and spirit that has prevailed in the parish.

During Fr. Bernadine's term, Bishop Francis Krautbauer died and was succeeded by Bishop Francis Katzer. It wasn't long after that, Fr. Bernandine's time as Pastor had come to an end.

St. Joseph Parish in earlier times showing the old school and school

The interior of St. Joe's before the changes to the front of the church.

St. Joseph School and Hall built in 1894 and 1907 with the convent behind the school before the school and hall were razed for the new school building.

Old classroom photo, date unknown.

Old classroom photo, date unknown.

Interior during the 1960's.

Interior of St. Joseph Church - 1992
125th Year of Jubilee